2014-06-08 01:44 - Writing again

With Expiration Day launched, I'm writing again, meaning writing new stuff, rather than creating supporting material for the launch - interviews, web pages, playlists, other lists. That's fun too, but I've got novels to write.

There's that awkward question of a sequel for Expiration Day. It was always planned as a standalone novel, and many reviewers have praised it for that reason. But, having created that universe, I do want to explore it a bit more, maybe telling the story of some of the other characters. So I do have one of those ideas in progress and at the 30,000 word stage. That's all I'll say.

There are also a couple of novels I've been working on for a long time, that may not need too much more doing to them before sending them out and trying to get an editor interested. They're quite different from Expiration Day, and don't necessarily fit the Tor Teen imprint. However, it looks as though more and more publishers are going back to only accepting agented submissions, so I need to find an agent. While it's really wonderful being published in the USA, it would be very wonderful indeed to get published in my own country, the UK - another way in which having an agent may help.

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