2014-11-29 16:15 - Polish version of Expiration Day

Expiration Day (Polish edition)

I'd almost forgotten about this, to be honest. But I happened to be watching a BBC documentary with Michael Portillo touring Poland, visiting its mostly picturesque and wonderfully-restored cities, and that reminded me to go check.

It's ready. Yay!

I commend Google Translate for making sense of the pages, but the nub is that it's available from December 3rd 2014.

If it had been a French or a German edition, I'd be reading it the moment I could get my hands on it, but I have zero skills in Polish. So for me it will remain a curiosity sitting on my bookshelf. I'll still worry about how faithful the translation is to my vision, what the translator has done with my attempts at poetry and my word-plays. Perhaps one of my Polish friends will tell me...

Details here .

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