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A collection of reviews and snippets. Beware - some of these contain spoilers .

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BookNerds Blog Tour

2014-04-21 Jean Book Nerd Interview and Tens List

2014-04-22 Nerdophiles Review & Guest Post

2014-04-23 Once Upon a Twilight Review

2014-04-24 Bittersweet Enchantment Review & Music Playlist

2014-04-25 Bookish Review & Dream Cast

2014-04-26 The Reader Lines 5 Random Things

2014-04-27 Literary Meanderings Interview

2014-04-28 Swoony Boys Podcast Review & Interview

2014-04-29 TTC Books and More Books Review & Interview

2014-04-30 Insane About Books Review & Favorite Books Read This Year

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A Comfy Chair

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Working for the Mandroid

Nathanial Garrod

Shelfari - another site along the lines of GoodReads and BookLikes

The Literary Tally

Buried in Pages - blog by OverlyExcitableNerd

Just a World Away

Yalsa - The Hub - More or Less than Human: What Can Robots Teach Us About Human Relationships?

Misclisa Lisa Loves Literature / Stacking the Shelves

Group reviews

I'm pleased to see Expiration Day showing up in genre reviews, alongside other robot fiction

Intelligent Machines: Robots in Film and Teen Fiction

Robots, Cyborgs, and DNA—Oh, My!

More or Less than Human: What Can Robots Teach Us About Human Relationships?


Keep watching - these may turn into reviews...

Bekah AwesomeBookNut - not actually a review, but ARCs are fun to open...

Nick Lindroth - a review using Prezi

Kim Pittman - video review

JG - video review

Tez Miller - Tez Says

And in the interest of balance ;-)

Library Journal

Fantasy Literature - You can't win 'em all

Early Review

sff.onlinewritingworkshop.com - Author site - A Child Alone is the November 2011 Editors' Choice in the Science Fiction category

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