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My author page on Booklikes .

I'm just getting started with Booklikes, seeing what it can offer. For an author, there's still the opportunity to promote books, but it's more agnostic, offering an opportunity to compare booksellers.


My author page on Goodreads .

It seems every author these days needs a Goodreads presence. I joined shortly after its acquisition by Amazon, and in that short time I've seen concern expressed by long-time Goodreaders that Amazon is commercialising the site, and destroying all that is good about it.

I've yet to see that, but won't be surprised if it does happen. Other reader sites exist, and it's easy enough to export your books and your reviews elsewhere, that Amazon should beware of alienating Goodreaders.

Until that day, Goodreads provides value, making it easy for me to share my reading tastes and opinions.

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