This year I'll be attending the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention in Spokane, Washington. It seems like a long way to go, compared to last year's convention in London. I'm planning to spend 2 full days there, doing a writers workshop and a couple of panels.

The program is subject to change, but right now the plan looks like this:

Friday, 21st August
10:30 am
Reading - William Campbell Powell
Friday, 21st August
12:00 noon
Hard SF for Teens
Panel with Jennifer Brozek, Steven Gould (moderator), Fonda Lee, Marissa Meyer, William Campbell Powell
Hard science fiction isn't just for adults. Kids today are more tech savvy than ever and fiction featuring real (or at least possible) science for teens is gaining steam. However, how hard should a hard SF novel get for young adults? What hard SF is getting it right? Who should we be reading? How can teens effectively pick through those old SF classics that they would find compelling today?
Friday, 21st August
SF & Fantasy Poetry
Panel with Wendy S. Delmater (moderator), Mary Soon Lee , William Campbell Powell, Stefan Rudnicki
What's the current state of poetry in SF publications? Are there more opportunities for SF/fantasy poets? Our panelists will each read a poem as part of the panel.
Saturday, 22nd August
10:00 am
Writers Workshop
Fifty-plus entrants submitted speculative fiction manuscripts in advance to be constructively criticized by industry professionals. In this section, a few of these entrants go on the hot seat to hear what the pros have to say. All workshop sections are closed to non-participants.
Saturday, 22nd August
16:00 pm
Characters with "Character" in YA Fiction
Panel with Paolo Bacigalupi, Gail Carriger, Deby Fredericks, Rebecca Moesta, William Campbell Powell (moderator)
Not all characters are created equally. Some are made for moving the plot along, some are created for comedy relief, and some crafted to inspire. A book is created around characters readers can get behind, love, hate or empathize with, laugh at. From heroes to villains and more, authors share some of their favorite YA fiction characters and what makes these characters so interesting. Find out what characters work and what characters don't for young adult readers.

There are a couple of other activities in the pipeline that I'm really looking forward to, but I can't say any more at this juncture.

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